May 7, 2012

Closing one door & opening another

 My favorite Italy Teacher, Steve Bule

 I decided to wear my Mothers High School Graduation Dress 
from the 70's because it was so pretty and special.

 The fam.

 I graduated with honors!!!

 Saying goodbye to me and Kim Taylors lunch table.

The day came and went like a dream. I finally graduated with a BFA, emphasis in Graphic Design. I couldn't be more proud and relieved. I love school but this last year was a trial for me. I have never felt so burned out and restricted, causing a love hate relationship with most of my teachers and peers. Normally I didn't care much but this year really pushed me to the edge. It was time...thank goodness. I had a wonderful BFA show with my fellow designers and as far as I could tell everyone was pretty impressed with what we had done as a class. I was so happy for the other students. We were like a team. Now I am moving onto bigger and better. (except for this summer, I am chillin by the pool and working part time) yeah baby! What a great way to close one door and open another.

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  1. Congrats Kirst!!!!!!!!! You are such an inspiration!


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