Mar 7, 2012

glass castle

I am reading a book called The Glass Castle and it is a very realistic view of a poor american family. I have never read anything that portrayed the issues within a family that has money and mental health issues. Its about how the children learn to be adults at a very young age because their parents are selfish and irresponsible, with addictions. The great part about is two things, one that one can change their own circumstances and two that people want to forgive and forget others mistakes, especially those of their family. It reminds me of the famous quote that perfectly sums up this story, I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul . -Invictus by William  Earnest Henley


  1. thanks for blogging sister! I love reading your bloggy blog. you have good posts:)
    love you

    1. Thanks, its good to know someone is reading it, hahaha


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