Mar 5, 2012

A cultural experience

So this week I decided to go off my dating break and go out with some guys. I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like its hard to fine guys that are interesting and love different cultures around here. But 2 of the guys were exactly that. On thursday I went out with someone to a thai restaurant ( which I love) and told me about his magnificent travels to places like Germany, China and Dubai, and how he met the Prince of Dubai and went on his private skydiving trip. I was giddy, one of my dreams is to go there and see everything! On Saturday I went with a guy who took me to an Indian restaurant, I am totally into indian food lately and I was sooooo excited. It was so fun, all the people were indian and dressed up and the whole place was decorated so unique. I felt for a small moment that I was maybe not in Provo anymore. He had also been to Italy so we could both talk about how amazing Rome was. It was a good week. I feel like finally I am finding guys who are interesting...interesting.

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