Sep 11, 2011

remembering 9/11

Today is a special day because it is the 10 year reunion of 9/11. Its funny because I was thinking about all the different things that have happened in our history and the wars our parents and grandparents lived through and this is the one that our generation will remember. I bet you could ask anyone about where they were when they found out and they would know exact details.

I was a sophomore in HS and I was walking down the hall with my class to the Library. The TV was on and it was showing the first plane crash into the tower. I didn't think too much of it as I chatted with my friends until that moment when the second one crashed. The room went silent and my teacher disappeared. We all just sat there in shock, a boy said "that was no accident". The rest of the day classes were spent just watching the news and the feeling was terrible. People were crying and I guess that was my first experience with learning about patriotism. I didn't fully understand what it was until I realized how sad I felt for my country and my people.

I am so grateful for the soldiers fighting for us and despite whether the war is right or wrong, they are serving their country and fighting for what they believe.

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