Jun 15, 2011

check up on it

SO. I have been watching a ton of documentaries lately on wealth and how it affects society and individuals. One Percent and Born Rich (done by the same kid from the Johnson & Johnson family) have really made me think about wealth and what it means to me in my life.

I found these blunders that I thought corresponded to what I have been learning and how to stay in check.

7 blunders of the world
I have come to the decision that I am grateful at this point that I wasn't some heir to billions and that I have learned to work because I feel like it has helped me become more ambitious and feel self fulfilled, which is a problem most of the kids struggle with. I would love to say that I wouldn't be lazy or snoby, but there is a reason I am not in that situation. I am so grateful for my life and I wouldn't want it any other way. Amen.

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