Apr 24, 2011

A real gun

So I'm sitting on the subway reflecting on my time here in NYC and thinking how safe happy the area is. I get off the subway as I usually do on my way home from work holding my shopping bags and some thai food for my roommate and I as I had a thought to cross the street. Of course it was so small of a thought that I ignored it and began walking under the scaffolding. I checked the time on my phone and looked up to see two men about my age in the shadows, one on each side of the scaffolding looking down with hoods on. My first reaction was, "they are going to rob me!", then I quickly dismissed the thought and told myself I was being judgmental and stereotyping. Two more steps and there was a gun in my side. I looked down at it and up at the guy holding it and said "really?". (I was completely in shock from this moment on so nothing I did or said was normal or smart) He told me to put all my stuff in the backpack that the other guy was holding open and I began emptying my little purse. He grabbed my shopping bags and my dinner and then told me to keep putting stuff in the backpack. For some reason when I pulled out my phone and put it in I began to negotiate. "Can I just have my phone...it's all I have and its way ghetto?" he pulled it out of the backpack and handed it back to me. Then he held the gun up to me and made me kiss him like a freakin pervert, I was so confused thinking (is he gonna rob me or ask me on a date) then someone was coming so he pulled me in like we were hugging and I could feel the guys shoulder bump mine as he walked past. With the big black metal gun in my side I froze up and then he started to threaten to hurt me. "This is nothing!" he said looking at my hot pink camera and my ipod mini with two dollars and some gum. "I am an intern, I have nothing!" I said back frustrated. "Just give me my bags back." I begged (I really wanted my dinner for some reason) A bunch of other things were said and then he held the gun out and told me to turn around. I saw a lady with three little kids coming and I made a really scared face at her and shook my head but I couldn't talk. I ran across the street as I heard them yelling "Call whoever you want!". I couldn't think straight and I was going to just walk home but then I saw a guy and grabbed him and said "help me, I got robbed and I don't know what to do?" Call 911 he said as I pulled out my phone barely able to dial the numbers because I was shaking so bad. I almost started crying when the police came and put me in their car. I spent the rest of the night at the police station filing a report. I didn't call anyone because I knew if they were stressing then I would and it would be bad so even though it happened at 7:30 I didn't call my parents until 11.  Thats the dramatic story of my long weekend and well I learned a couple things from this experience, 1. Listen to your gut, I had two small warnings and I didn't listen, 2. I'm alive and so lucky I got my cell phone back because I have no one in my families numbers memorized. and 3. Life goes on and you can't let scary experiences debilitate you. At least it ends up being a good story to tell of my life here in the big apple.


  1. That is straight from a book or movie Kirst! So glad you're safe.

  2. The new pic is so much more appropriate... and awesome.

  3. ahhhhhhhh!!!! Your amazing, and I am so happy your okay. I love the balls you had to stick up for what you wanted. Sometimes it pays to have so little, like not much to loose. Love you girl, your my hero!


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