Apr 10, 2011

Little Italy

My favorite place to go is little Italy and china town. Its so much fun to be in a different country for a minute. This weekend Tempestt and I went to have lunch in lil italy and taste the delicious food sitting outside under the sun (the only sunny day in NY this year). I totally felt like I was back in Italy and I was overjoyed!!!! I feel like NY is such a wonderful part of my life but when I think of Italy my  heart hurts for it. I miss it so much, its a place that I could really live for a long time, and a place that would change me for the better and not the worse (sorry NY). Here the attitude is so different and people are generally colder. I heard some words of wisdom from a little video called the sunscreen song on youtube that said live in NY, but leave before it makes you hard, live in California but leave before it makes you soft. It's funny that it only took me four months to decide that I don't want to live here forever because I don't want to be ok with being hard, and I don't want to stop smiling. I'm afraid I have already changed too much but its ok cause I think my next move will be California:)

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