Feb 28, 2011

The Beacon of light

I have been so lucky this weekend in many ways. First and foremost I was able to be at a fireside this friday in the Manhattan 8th ward church where Elder Bednar did a Q and A with us single adults. It was wonderful and I felt the spirit so strongly. He spoke of committing ourselves to keeping the commandments and knowing the fundamentals of the gospel. I have learned that being out here in NY there are a lot of questions asked, many of which I don't know the answer to, some because I haven't studied the gospel enough and some because there simply isn't an answer. What I have learned most is that being an example is everything. He said that apostles are lead to where they are needed by the spirit and I know our ward needed his hope and positive influence to help us make decisions that will make us happy. In testimony meeting on Sunday a boy spoke about how one person makes a difference, one smile, one good deed, one speaker can influence a crowd, and one example of sacrifice and love can change the world. I am so grateful for my church and the leadership and guidance it gives.

Another way I have been lucky is much less deep but still great, I went to a cool store where you sell your clothes called beacons closet in brooklyn and found the greatest pair of brown italian leather heels. Love them. I will wear them everyday and they were only 20 bucks. I am happy.

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