Jan 4, 2011

Why you ask????

The reason I called my blog such a dumb name is because: 1. I was searching for a half an hour to get a name that hadn't been taken, (I had some really cute ones) 2. I figured I am one of the few mormons in NY so using a mormon term would be appropriate since that's exactly what I am and nothing more, kind of like when people refer to sister missionaries (not always but most of the time) And 3. I thought it would be funny, but people keep asking me if I am serious or kidding. ha


  1. You are such a sweet spirit. :) I love you Kirst. ha.

  2. You are a sweet spirit with a BEAUTIFUL face! And yes sister missionaries are called that, and I can say that, cause I was one! haha.

  3. Ha ha I looved the name of your blog. I get ya girl! And Miss ya!


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