Jan 13, 2011

Star Struck

Last night was a night from the movies. I was at an event with my roommate who was photographing (so I was by myself) at this club where people spoke from Gretchen from the happiness project to charitywater.org. After the speakers I was waiting to talk to the guys from charity water and there was this tall man with an accent standing behind me talking who kept bumping me. I was so annoyed, finally he walked out of the vip area and sat down at a table. After I had my convo I went back to sit with the people I had sat next to and they said, did you know that Stefan Sagmeister is here! I was like "No Way!" They were like, ya he was right behind you. I about died! Then I went over to talk to him and get a pic. hahaha it was soooo cool. I was definitely star struck. So my roomie takes a pic and of course it looks like crap and only the top of our heads are seen but still, it was amazing!

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