Jan 15, 2011

Good boys are like unicorns...

So today is being dedicated to boys. I have been thinking about my dating life, past and present and realized I have made some very bad judgements of guys I have dated. Tempestt and I were talking it over and we realized some things, boys live on their own time, they don't care if they are waiting too long or not long enough, unless its convenient they don't think about it. They also all want the perfect girl but aren't willing to be the perfect guy. This makes it hard and sets a false standard for us women! hahaha but seriously. Among the reasons I left Utah to come to NY I realized that the type of guys are different looking but the same in behavior, I know there is probably my perfect guy out there but for now I think its true what they say, good boys are like unicorns, they don't exist.

1 comment:

  1. hahahha sooo funny and sooo true!! except for one cute boy:)


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