Apr 15, 2013

DIY- making a hair comb

OK so I am obsessed with my wedding. I have had way too much time to plan so I'm getting nitty gritty with details but its so much fun. I have been loving hair combs and they are so expensive so I thought I would make my own. My craftsmanship is not the best but you get the point.


1. Get the supplies. I just bought the gold comb and wire off etsy. It was about 5 dollars. Then I went to H&M and looked on their sale jewelry rack and found this necklace for 8 dollars. You can also use broaches, earrings or whatever jeweled thing you can find.

2. Fold the necklace in half and wire it together, weaving the wire through the chains and jewels.

3. Cut the chains. I used toenail clippers because I didn't have the right tools.

4. Begin wiring the comb.

5. Weave the wire through the already wired necklace and into each loop on the comb.

6. Pull the wire as tight as you can and create a knot and cut the excess.

7. Put it in your hair whatever way you like.

Haircombs  {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}


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